These monthly articles discuss sustainable actions that you might consider for your community. They are written for the Somerset Town Journal, Chevy Chase, Maryland, USA, but are relevant for communities worldwide.

February, 2023, Disposing of Trash in Environment-Friendly Ways
January, 2023: Two Town Recommendations, All-Electric Construction and No Plastic 
December, 2022: Good News – Bad News
November, 2022: Donating to Environmental Causes
October, 2022: Inflation Reduction Act Passes and with it the Largest Climate Bill in History
September, 2022: Planetary Emergency
July, 2022: Bee Forum, EC Recommends Ban of Gas-Powered Weed Wackers and Wine Cork Program
June, 2022: Beekeeper/Apiary Forum
May, 2022: More Colors From Less Mowing
April, 2022: Time to Transition to More Sustainable Gardening
March, 2022: Environment Committee Recommends Solar Panels for Somerset
February, 2022: Too Much Salt, Somerset Needs to Rethink Its Road Treatment Policy
January, 2022: Sustainable Gardening Practices and Leaf Blower Education, Flyers to be delivered Door-to-Door
December, 2021: Gas-Powered Leaf Blower (GPLB) Ban Now Begins Sep. 1, 2022; Reflections on COP26 – Hope and Futility
November, 2021: 100 Tree Planting Challenge
July, 2021: Environment Committee Recommends Town to Endorse the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty, Sign Sierra Club, MD Mayoys for 100% Clean Energy Pledge, Town Declares Climate Emergency
June, 2021: Thank You Somerset Environmentalists! Yes, There Is More Work to Do!
May, 2021: Climate Emergency Declared, Apiaries, Recycling/Reusing
April, 2021: An Electric Truck for Somerset, EV Charging Stations
March, 2021: Bring Apiaries (Bees) to Somerset, Composting Food
February,2021: Sustainable Development Goals: How to Move the Needle
December, 2020: Results of Petition to Ban GPLBs
November, 2020: More Leaf Mowing – Less Leaf Blowing
October, 2020: Legislation to Ban Gas-Powered-Leaf-Blowers
October, 2020: Barton Rubenstein becomes Town of Somerset Environment Committee Chair
September, 2020: Gas Powered Leaf Blowers
August, 2020: A Canoe Trip Across Washington, DC and Environmental Racism
July, 2020: What is the “Climate Emergency” and what are Sustainable Development Goals?
May, 2020: Earth Day #50, Let’s Flatten the Curve
February, 2020: 2019 was BIG, 2020 will be BIGGER!
September, 2019: There is no Planet B, Switch to LED lights
July, 2019: Leaf Blowers, Pesticide-Free Lawns
June, 2019: Electric Car Test Drive
March, 2019: A Please for Native Plants
December, 2018: Please, No Pesticides