No More Fossil Fuels!

We need everyone to Sign this Petition!

Mother Earth Project calls on individuals, corporations, and organizations to sign the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty. This includes:


Prevent the proliferation of coal, oil and gas by ending all new exploration and production


Phase-out existing production of fossil fuels in line with the 1.5C global climate goal


Fast-track real solutions and a just transition for every worker, community and country


Don’t Choose Extinction

A Dinosaur speaks before the United Nations  General Assembly
Learn about the world’s excuses here or read them below:

1. “I’m already doing as much as I can.”
2. “We’ll lose too many jobs if we phase out fossil fuels.”
3. “I’m just one person, I can’t make a difference.”
4. “We need fossil fuels for our economy.”
5. “I won’t see the effects of climate change in my lifetime.”
6. “Where I live won’t really be affected.”
7. “I’m just a kid, no one will listen to me.”
8. “I don’t want to give up holidays or my car.”
9. “Fossil fuel companies are too powerful for us to change.”
10. “Soon we’ll have the technology to just reverse climate change.”
11. “Climate change is too complicated for me to understand.”
12. “I’ve heard renewables aren’t reliable or affordable.”
13. “It’s too late for us to change.”
14. “We’re already doing enough to stop global warming.”
15. “It still gets cold so clearly our planet isn’t warming.”
16. “Climate change is a natural thing.”
17. “Climate change is a conspiracy. It’s fake news.”
18. “The world will adapt to climate change.”
19. “I’m too busy to do anything about climate change.”


Fossil fuels are our generation’s weapons of mass destruction. They are the nuclear weapons of our century, dividing our world through inequality and instability, and are the primary cause of the climate crisis. The imminent threat of global climate change is now greater than nuclear war, yet our governments so far refuse to stop approving new coal, oil and gas projects.

More than 2000 scientists101 Nobel Laureates, and over 700 civil society organisations have called for a global mechanism to manage a fast and fair transition away from coal, oil, and gas, we are now adding our voices to this growing call for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty.

COP26 – November, 2021

COP26 has produced new climate legislation that according to scientists will only limit global warming to 2.4 degree Celsius, which is still an unacceptable temperature that will put over a billion people at a risk of death and displacement from rising sea levels. Many attendees at COP26 feel that signing on to the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty, as the Town of Somerset, Maryland, has recently done, is a binding and definitive way of keeping fossil fuels in the ground (as was done for nuclear bombs). Recent global commitments to stop deforestation by 2030, phase-down burning coal (not phase-out, thanks to China and India’s pushback), end foreign coal investments, and reduce methane leaks by 30% by 2030, all appear to be a large step for our government representatives worldwide, but frankly only a small step for mankind.