Please send us your name, email, shipping address, some info about your community’s sustainable activities and the number of requested parachutes to

(We ask those asking for free parachutes to substantiate their financial need in writing.)


If you would like buy parachutes, the cost including shipping is $25 each. Click the Paypal “Donate” button below. (For comparison, Amazon sells parachutes for $50. Obviously, repurposing old materials like a large circular table cloth is best!)

“Act Locally, Think Globally”

Check out our Parachute Database for inspiration and our Parachute webpage for help in decorating your parachute!

And PLEASE send us photos/videos and more text about your community after you have decorated your parachutes so we can add you to our Parachute Database! And most importantly, take your parachutes to your local politicians to ask for better climate laws.

Parachutes For The Planet® use 12′ (3.5 meter) diameter white play parachutes with 12 handles.