MEP has created inflatable booths that are designed to raise awareness about saving the environment and learning about how the world is learning how to live more sustainably.

The idea is to give each recipient country of the Mother Earth sculpture a MEP Inflatable Booth to be installed next to the sculpture on World Environment Day, June 5 of each year. This booth will be a part of the day’s festivities and will allow visitors to learn more about the Mother Earth Project and feel a solidarity with other countries doing the same around the world.

Parachutes For The Planet™ Exhibition in Washington, DC

Visitors are asked to write down how they are living sustainably and stick them on the booth. They can also enter the booth and see stories of sustainability worldwide.

The MEP Booth measures 4.25m (14′) high x 5m (16.5′) wide x 3m (10′) deep and uses a low-energy blower to inflate the booth.

MEP Inflatable Booth at American University

National Building Museum, Washington, DC

MEP co-founders Ari and Barton Rubenstein visit many schools

MEP Booth at Boya Academy, Guilin, China with Mother Earth in Background

Hebrew Inflatable for Israel

French Inflatable for Cameroon

Set Up and Take Down of MEP Inflatable Booth

To take down, there is a zipper on the right side that needs to be opened when deflating (best for someone to hold it open for 5 minutes). Lay the inflatable flat on ground and roll on it toward zipper to remove air inside. Fold front side to a little past middle and back side to a little past middle, and then roll on it again! Then fold again so that the booth is now 1/4 of what it was. Roll the inflatable from left to right as tightly as you can and press your knee into it on every turn to remove air inside as you go. Tie the inflatable with two ropes to hold it together. If the inflatable can not fit inside the bag, then just leave it tied up and cover it for the next sustainability event!