This page is a collection of important newspaper articles and links to scientific research discussing the climate emergency, its impact on the planet, and sustainable actions worldwide.


“Pakistan floods death toll passes 1,000, say officials: More than 33 million people have been displaced”
“California to approve plan to ban sales of gas-powered cars by 2035”
“Food price rises around the world are result of ‘broken’ system, say experts”
“Drought in Horn of Africa places 22m people at risk of starvation, says UN”
More dangerous heat waves are on the way: See the impact by US Zip code”
“Climate impacts have worsened vast range of human diseases”
Fate of ‘sleeping giant’ East Antarctic ice sheet  – study”
“Iraq broils in dangerous 120-degree heat as power grid shuts down”
“The World Is Awash in Plastic. Nations Plan a Treaty to Fix That”
“World leaders agree to draw up ‘historic’ treaty on plastic waste”
“Climate endgame: risk of human extinction ‘dangerously underexplored’ “
“As the Great Salt Lake Dries Up, Utah Faces An ‘Environmental Nuclear Bomb’ “
“A Whale Feeding Frenzy in Antarctica Signals a Conservation Success”
U.S. plastics recycling rate slumps below 6 percent, analysis finds”
“100 EU cities commit to going climate neutral by 2030”
“Companies race to stem flood of microplastic fibres into the oceans”
“US sea level to rise as much in next 30 years as in past century – study”
“Q&A: Has the IPCC’s bleak warning of climate breakdown been heard?”
“Solar Energy’s Latest Record Breaker: 5 Takeaways”


“Lawn care is going electric. And the revolution is here to stay”
“BlackRock Chief Pushes a Big New Climate Goal for the Corporate World”
“Climate change “may have played a key role” in coronavirus pandemic, study says”
Countries must ramp up climate pledges by 80 percent to hit key Paris target, study finds”
“France Becomes The First Country to Ban All Five Pesticides Linked to Bee Deaths”
“Revealed: seafood fraud happening on a vast global scale”
“Feeding cows seaweed could cut their methane emissions by 82%, scientists say”
“Plummeting sperm counts, shrinking penises: toxic chemicals threaten humanity”
“There’s another pandemic under our noses, and it kills 8.7m people a year (air pollution)”
“Chemical giants hid dangers of ‘forever chemicals’ in food packaging”
“Shell’s historic loss in The Hague is a turning point in the fight against big oil”
 “People around the world increasingly see climate change as a personal threat, new poll finds”
“We’re Living Through One of the Most Explosive Extinction Episodes Ever”
At least 85 percent of the world’s population has been affected by human-induced climate change, new study shows”
Latin American countries join reserves to create vast marine protected area”
How satellites could help hold countries to emissions promises made at COP26 summit”
“Renewable energy has ‘another record year of growth’ says IEA”
“Tropical forests can regenerate in just 20 years without human interference”
Scientists watch giant ‘doomsday’ glacier in Antarctica with concern”


“The discovery of microplastics in the air above the ocean reveals the spread of this hazardous pollution”
“Frequency of intense floods and storms could double in 13 years, says study”
“Corona virus is the beginning”
“Unpacking The 90% Renewable Energy In US By 2035 Scenario”
Environmental justice means racial justice, say activists”
“Protecting 30% of planet could bolster economy, study says”
“Pope Francis Warns ‘Creation Is Groaning!’ in New Eco-Message”
“Americans are becoming climate migrants before our eyes”
“Air pollution particles in young brains linked to Alzheimer’s damage”
“Global Ocean Alliance: 30 countries are now calling for greater ocean protection”
“Rewild to mitigate the climate crisis, urge leading scientists”
“Better ocean conservation will produce more food fish”
“Teaching climate crisis in classrooms critical for children, top educators say”
“U.S. Emissions — Center for Climate and Energy Solutions”


“Humanity has wiped out 60% of animal populations since 1970, report finds”
“Insect collapse: ‘We are destroying our life support systems”
“It’s cheaper to replace most coal plants with renewables than keep them open, per report”
“Alarm as study shows how microplastics are blown across the world”
“Monsanto must pay couple $2bn in largest verdict yet over cancer claims”
“Students in Over 125 Countries Hold Global Climate Strikes”
“The world needs topsoil to grow 95% of its food – but it’s rapidly disappearing”
“Red and processed meat can shorten life, say scientists”
“Environment reporters facing harassment and murder, study finds”
“Climate crisis: Alaska is melting and it’s likely to accelerate global heating”
“We were already over 350ppm when I was born”
“Tree planting ‘has mind-blowing potential’ to tackle climate crisis”
“From baboon raps to Extinction Gongs: can climate ART save the world?”
“Why I’m fleeing Honduras to seek asylum in the US”
“‘People are dying’: how the climate crisis has sparked an exodus to the US”
“Global climate strike: how you can get involved”
“Skyscrapers in the sea: Massive wind turbines planned off Delaware coast”
“Offshore windfarms ‘can provide more electricity than the world needs'”
“Climate crisis: 11,000 scientists warn of ‘untold suffering’”


“Flying airplanes is more environmental than cars”
“15 scary facts about sea level rise”
“The world has barely 10 years to get climate change under control, U.N. scientists say”
“The unseen driver behind the migrant caravan: climate change”
“‘We’ve never seen this’: massive Canadian glaciers shrinking rapidly”
“Falling total fertility rate should be welcomed, population expert says”


“The huge crack in this Antarctic ice shelf just grew by another 6 miles”
“There are now 3 rivers that legally have the same rights as humans”
“Solar Power Surged Ahead of Other Fuels in 2016—Energy Journal”
“59,000 farmer suicides in India over 30 years may be linked to climate change, study says”
“Storm surges are the worst part of a hurricane — and will get even more destructive”
” Just 10 rivers may be to blame for millions of tonnes of Plastic”
“Eat less meat, save species and ecosystems, says WWF UK”