This page is for those interested in volunteering for the Mother Earth Project

Why Volunteer?

Mother Earth Project volunteers are focused on using art to raise environmental awareness and to empower communities to take collective sustainable actions. Parachutes For The Planet® is our main technique for engaging communities. We have dozens of Mother Earth Project volunteers worldwide and we are always looking for more environmental activists interested in sharing our project with others.

What To Do?

  1. Contact Us to let us know that you are interested in volunteering!
  2. Request a parachute from us.
  3. Gather your community of 10-20 people.
  4. Parachute Sit Down: Take 10 minutes to sit as a group around the edge of your parachute, introduce yourselves to each other, discuss your personal environmental concerns and emotions, past and future sustainable actions, and where you come from. This event is a bonding moment and a great way to understand how the project builds and empowers communities.
  5. Decorate your parachute. Helpful info and event ideas can be found on the Parachute webpage and as well as examples in the Parachute Community Database.

How to Spread the Parachutes For The Planet® Project?

  1. Take time to read through our website to learn about the Mother Earth Project .
  2. Think about people, schools and organizations you know that might be interested in our project. You might want to review your address book to jog your memory. Reaching out to people that you already have a personal connection to is the easiest way to share our project.
  3. Think of people locally and globally. Our project is in dozens of countries so we are interested in engaging communities worldwide. Remember, all types of communities are encouraged to participate.
  4. If you have found a community, direct them to our Parachutes For The Planet page first, and then determine how many parachutes they need. We recommend 15-20 people per parachute. In order to receive parachutes, direct them to the Free Parachutes webpage.
  5. Encourage them to share their parachute in their community, take sustainable actions, and most importantly take their parachute to their local politicians to demand better climate laws.

We look forward to hearing from you and let’s keep up our efforts!