Here in Zimbabwe we have used the Parachutes and Murals strategy to communicate the climate and environmental justice issues and from our experience, it has been impactful. We put up a mural at Sakubva and since then, we have received hundreds of commendations. As for Parachutes, they are very effective for visibility. They are easy to use and we can put them up anywhere to draw attention to the plight of the environment. Communities are better informed by the messages on murals and parachutes. It also keeps the conversations going as people interface with the murals on a daily basis.” – Jussa, Zimbabwe

“The power of pictorial communication. Our school has established a woodlot, and each child was tasked to plant a fruit tree in their homes during this first term holiday. All because of our mural thanks to Barton and the MEP support.” – Ann Grace, Uganda

“The MEP platforms have propelled our passion to demand better climate laws in Tanzania along with meaningful participation of young generations in climate change agenda. We in Tanzania will fly our parachutes on 5th June (2023) during the World Environment Day. We can’t wait to do this🙏🙏 #Parachures/Murals forever.” – Prisca, Tanzania

Thank you for testifying [about banning gas-powered leaf blowers in Montgomery County, Maryland], and for all your work on this issue, Barton. You’re a great champion for all of us.” – Richard

Thanks, people love the [Mother Earth] mural, they come to visit always.” – Evelyn, Uganda

“Thank you. [Working with MEP] makes me very happy. And give me courage to do more and more.” – James Kataliko, DRC

“Keep up all your amazing and inspirational work.” – Rachel, UK

“Thank you for all you are doing for us to save the planet and train us to be good activists.” – James, Parachute Community in the Democratic Republic of Congo

“The mother earth needs more people like you sir ❤️” – Atif, Pakistan

“The speed with which this project continues to grow and attract new communities speaks to its impact and popularity. This program is providing great tools for positive communication at all levels about the importance and impact of the SDGs, and the capacity of groups to work together in creative ways.” – Mary Barton, Former World Bank Director of Environment and Climate Change

“Barton [Rubenstein]. Thank you. This is great [referring to this MEP video]. Love the slogan ‘no action no future.’ You are our conscience.” – Lucy Freeman

“Thank you always for what you are doing for Mother Earth.” – Ibrahim, Break-Free From Plastic Initiative, Nigeria

Fridays For Future Andhra Pradesh, India

“To have a parachute spreading our message would be a fantastic way to connect us to many other protests over the world and give us the unity this event will bring to our community.” – Halayna, New Zealand

“YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! It is so inspiring to see all the beautiful artwork – it brings tears to my eyes.”Kathy, Arizona

“You are doing a great job!!! We will try to do best to spread your ideas across Azerbaijan!” Agshin, Azerbaijan

“We must join hands to save the planet.” Oumar Racine Bah, Guinea

“Kallan! I just wanted to tell you how inspired I am by your 90 day silent protest and all of the powerful work that you do! Thank you for all of the creativity, compassion, and hopefulness that you bring to the climate/environmental justice movement!”Maayan Cohen, Director of Partnerships and Campaigns – Alliance for Climate Education

“Thank you for giving the vulnerable communities and unheard victims of environmental degradation globally, a voice to contribute to caring for Mother Earth. It is indeed a honor for me to cross your path in life. Thumbs up to the dream. Thank you Mother Earth Project for giving the dream a leap. It’s amazing how dreams are realized because someone like you decided to believe in it and put in all the expertise and resources to take it global. Thank you for all you do.” – Tosin Kolawole, Nigeria

“I am so grateful for this project. It is beautiful and it is going to change the world. I have no doubts. Parachutes have solidified our African Group! Parachutes leap frogs over the blame and guilt and allows people to take action!.” – Cathy Orlando, Citizens’ Climate Lobby International Outreach Manager

“You are creating some awesome energy out in the world. Thanks for all you are doing.” – Theo, Mountainside Montessori School, Virginia Teacher

“I’m really hopeful to be a part of this amazing project (Parachutes For The Planet). Thank you.” – @celinecelune

“I’d like to congratulate the Mother Earth Project on its growth in just two years in advancing stewardship and sustainability. Each of us must do our part to protect our environment, and the Mother Earth Project has worked to build a community through its Instagram account, @HumansofMotherEarth, for people across the globe to take action and find common ground. From recycling to conserving energy and reducing our individual carbon footprints, your work has helped spark action and ideas for a more sustainable world. Your Mother Earth sculptures around the world will continue that work as a gathering point to further these important conversations. And by working with students, you can help inspire future generations of environmental leaders.” – United States Senator Chris Van Hollen

“Whoever created the Mother Earth sculpture, it has truly astonished me.” – Instagram follower

“I would like to congratulate Barton, his whole family and everybody else who is engaged in this project because it’s important and I am so excited that you are taking Mother Earth to Cameroon soon because we love Cameroon and I am really excited that this country is part of the story. I know that the Mother Earth Project is going to spread and spread and spread!” – Mary Barton-Dock, World Bank Director in Haiti, former Director of Environment and Climate Change

“Barton, we want to salute you, your family, and the Mother Earth Project. We need more and more people around the world and this country [US] to believe in projects like the Mother Earth Project.  This is a spectacular work of art [Mother Earth]. It is beautiful for the waterfront [Washington, DC] and it is really meaningful for me. As a small boy, I would look out onto Lake Michigan like this sculpture looks out onto the Potomac River. Both rivers were once very polluted, but now thankfully they are much cleaner.” – Glenn Prickett, Nature Conservancy Chief External Affairs Officer

“When I listened to your speech, I feel more responsible to protect the earth. I feel sorry because I’m too shy to talk with you. But we all admire your family. Don’t forget that there’s a group of people in Guilin who will support you forever. We are your backing. Because we are a family forever.” – HAniU, student at Guilin Middle School, China

“I am always trying to help inspire Somerset’s green oriented citizens like the Rubenstein family to become actively engaged in these projects.  It gives me great pride that the Rubenstein family resides in Somerset and that this project and this sculpture were  born in our Town.  I salute Barton, Shereen, Benjamin, Sabrina and Ari for their magnificent efforts and the inspiration they have permanently provided.  Their work will have benefits all over the world!” – Chevy Chase, Maryland Town of Somerset Mayor Jeffrey Slavin

“Any time you can combine art with our love of mother earth, it is a pretty sweet thing, and this [Mother Earth sculpture] is a pretty sweet thing!” Montgomery County, Maryland Councilmember Roger Berliner

“Something that intrigued me was that the Mother Earth Project reaches out to elementary, middle, and high schools so that they get to voice their concerns for the environment. I thought that this was a great idea since many people have ideas for helping to save the environment yet they do not have a way of communicating it to a point where it makes a large impact. However, the Mother Earth Project is changing that by helping smaller voices have a larger impact.” Churchill High School student, Maryland

“It is such a dark time for America and for the planet. Your work [MEP] is an inspiration for us.” – MEP supporter

“An idea that intrigued me is that MEP created a sculpture that can be found all around the world, and is a symbol for saving/protecting the environment. It opened my eyes to idea that doing little things to help the environment and bringing awareness can add up in the future.” Churchill High School student, Maryland

“India will win the Mother Earth sculpture.” – Vaghela Vishal, Cricket Umpire in India

“I want to congratulate you on and thank you for this remarkable work [Mother Earth].  My family and I were admiring it last weekend, and it is a stunning addition to the waterfront.  What an inspiration!” – Bryan Garman, Head of Sidwell Friends School, Washington, DC

“Mother Earth is my new favorite sculpture!” – Instagram follower

“Thanks you so much for bringing the Mother Earth Project to campus. Our students really enjoyed engaging with your project, and thinking about how they, as individuals, are protecting the environment. Thanks!” – American University Office of Sustainability

“I just wanted to say that I LOVE your organization and am SO proud to see how much it has grown over the year! It’s so exciting! I truly look forward to your [Instagram] posts and am so honored that my club was featured on this account earlier this year. The messages you give people a platform to express are so inspiring. There are so many interesting and impactful people  featured on your account!” – Linzy, Founder and President of the Westfield High School Environmentalists’ Club

“The Mother Earth Project Collaboration with schools is about accessing and enabling the future.” – Dana Harrison, Head of Newtown Friends School, Pennsylvania

“Your people powered project for Mother Earth is so inspiring!” – Dylan, founder of

“Congratulations on a great day [lecture] and an inspiring project.” – Dorothy Moss, Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery Curator

“Thanks for letting us be a part of your project!” – American Univ. Katzen Art Center

“Love your mission and your Instagram Account” – WHS Global Environmentalists

“This is truly a noble cause.” – Instagram follower