MEP encourages Maryland/Washington, DC neighbors to compost their food waste and other organic material. Compost Crew will deliver a bucket to your house and pick it up each week. If you are a resident of the Town of Somerset, Maryland, this service is free.
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MEP Encourages Maryland/Washington, DC Neighborhoods to Switch To 100% Renewable Electric Energy

An Easy Roadmap for Switching Over to 100% Renewable Electric Energy

MEP is now encouraging residents using Pepco power in Maryland and Washington, DC to switch to 100% renewable electric energy. This switch costs nothing and your Pepco electric bill will actually be less!

At the present time (December, 2022), after doing the research of third-party providers for Pepco (which is only a distributor), we recommend Inspire Clean Energy as the least expensive provider of 100% renewable energy.

You can also look at this list to consider other renewable energy providers.

•  Note: Even after you create a 12-month fixed-price contract with Inspire, you can always revisit their website and start a new contract with a less expensive price (if available) and you will not incur a penalty.

You are now an official member of  MEP and an environmental steward of our planet!


MEP’s choice of Inspire Clean Energy has been the result of much research. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact  the MEP team at .

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