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MEP Encourages Maryland/Washington, DC Neighborhoods to Switch To 100% Renewable Electric Energy

An Easy Roadmap for Switching Over to 100% Renewable Electric Energy

MEP is now encouraging residents using Pepco power in Maryland and Washington, DC to switch to 100% renewable electric energy. This switch costs nothing and your Pepco electric bill will actually be less!

At the present time (July 29, 2022), Clearview is experiencing a very large 3x increase in prices in the State of Maryland and Illinois. Thus, we recommend you go to this website to choose another renewable energy provider:

Choose The Best Priced Renewable Energy Company




•  Go to: Enter your zip code: (Example 20815). You will see the present rate that you pay your utility company at the top and various rate options below.

• Choose the first option. This price typically less than Pepco’s 7.75 cents/kWh. (In Jan. 2022, Clearview is slightly higher for the first time in over two years.) Click Sign Up.  FYI, This contract will automatically renew on a monthly basis unless you request to stop it. We recommend that at the end of your contract you sign up again ON LINE (which always has the best prices).

•  Enter Your Personal Information, including the 22-digit Service Number, which can be found on the top of page 2 of your Pepco bill (the long number below “Details of your Electric Charges”).

At the right, for “How did you hear about us?” go to near the bottom of the scroll down and choose “Friend.” If you insert “Barton Rubenstein,” you will receive a beautiful MEP t-shirt and a $25 check for adding this info.

Click Submit Enrollment and you are DONE! Congrats!

•  After you complete this process, please email us at and let us know what color and size you would like along with your name and address. View colors here:

•  Note: Even if you are in the middle of another Clearview contract, you can always revisit the Clearview website and start a new contract with a less expensive price (if available) and you will not incur a penalty.

You are now an official member of  MEP and an environmental steward of our planet!


Q & A about Clearview Energy

1. Why Clearview Energy?  MEP independently researched and called over two dozen residential electricity providers, click here, and has determined that only a few provide 100% renewable energy. Clearview Energy was the only company that offered prices less than what Pepco presently offers. (Since the above link is not updated daily, MEP called to get present prices.)

2. Can you please tell me some basic information about Clearview Energy? Clearview Energy began in 2004, is based in Dallas, Texas, and presently has over 100,000 customers around the US. It sells 100% renewable energy from solar, wind, and hydropower plants.

3. Is this plan a fixed rate plan? Yes, your 6 or 12-month contract will have the same rate each month.

4. Does it cost anything to switch to Clearview? No, there is no cost for switching.

5. How will my Pepco monthly electric bill change? It will be the same. You will still receive the same Pepco bill and at the bottom of the last page it will include a new section indicating that you are using power from Clearview. And you will see that the price is less than what Pepco charges.

6. What if I previously signed up with another third-party energy provider? In this case, you must finish your existing contract, and only after it has ended can you switch to Clearview Energy.

7. What happens if the power goes out, do I call Clearview? No, your present energy provider (Pepco for Montgomery County) is still responsible for your power lines and your service.

8. Renewing Your Contract: What happens at the end of the 6 or 12-month period? Clearview will write and call you a month before the expiration of your contract to see if you want to renew. At that point, you can 1) choose from available fix-rate offers 2) cancel your contract and revert back to Pepco, or 3) not respond. In this last scenario, Clearview will continue to provide service to you with competitive rates on a month-to-month basis, offering a variable rate found on the open market. We recommend choice #3 as this is the easiest option.

9. How do I contact Clearview? The best way is by phone, (800) 746-4702, x4, x1. By the way, you can switch to Clearview on the phone, however, signing up on the internet is faster.

10. What if a new Clearview contract is offered on their website that is cheaper than your existing contract? If so, you can call Clearview and they will change your contract to the cheaper one at no charge.

11. Is there a penalty for canceling the contract before it expires? Yes, there is an Early Termination Fee sometimes. Details and changes to this policy can be found on the webpage where you enter your personal information, entitled Energy Plan Disclosures.

12. I saw there were some complaints about Clearview on the internet, are these true? Clearview had some issues with their door-to-door agents that were providing incorrect information and not acting in a professional manner. This problem has now been corrected.

13. Do I receive a $25 check for referring a ‘Friend,’ Barton Rubenstein? Yes, both customers receive $25, you and Barton Rubenstein, a co-founder of MEP.  The later check is used to offset the cost of distributing MEP t-shirts and promoting this project. Clearview sends the checks 90 days after you sign up.

14. After I signup with Clearview, how do I receive confirmation? You will receive your first confirmation via snail mail. Apparently, they are working on also sending out an email confirmation.

15. Does MEP have a relationship with Clearview Energy? No connection.

16. How does the renewable energy actually come directly into our house? First of all, Pepco is responsible for creating an electric grid and buying power sources to provide power for all of us to use. Pepco doesn’t create power itself. Because of the energy deregulation laws, Pepco is required to provide us the opportunity to choose which power provider we want. And by choosing Clearview Energy, we are telling Pepco to purchase power from Clearview Energy and add its renewable energy to the grid. So, in the end, switching to to Clearview Energy adds more renewable energy to the grid, a portion of which we use.

17. More Frequently Asked Questions? Please go to Clearview’s webpage:


MEP’s choice of Clearview Energy has been the result of much research. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact  the MEP team at .

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