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To raise awareness of people living sustainable lives and affected by climate change, Mother Earth Project is encouraging individuals, schools, and communities around the world to create PARACHUTES FOR THE PLANET™
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“We have arrived at the moment where we must choose whether our generation will be remembered for ruining the planet or the one that saved it.”
– Barton Rubenstein, MEP co-founder

“I am so grateful for this project. It is beautiful and it is going to change the world. I have no doubts.” 
– Cathy Orlando, Citizens’ Climate Lobby International Outreach Manager

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Why Parachutes?

Saving the environment is vital to our health, safety and future, and “parachutes” are a metaphor for this process. These parachutes (non-functional) are circular pieces of cloth decorated with artwork and personal comments about our concerns about the health of our planet. Parachutes can be seen as “safety nets” and when held by groups during demonstrations or collectively displayed in large numbers, they transform into powerful messages of strength, hope and communal determination.


In the 1990s, thousands of HIV/AIDS Quilts (blankets) were exhibited in Washington, DC, to bring attention to a disease that was previously not understood. The result of this exhibition was dramatic – people became more aware and governments began to fund research to find a cure. Using artwork and comments displayed on parachutes, the Mother Earth Project hopes to accomplish similar goals for saving the environment.

See 2018
Parachute Exhibition


Make Your Parachute:

Buy or Reuse a White Cloth

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You also can create a parachute from a used large bedsheet! (You can buy used bedsheets from a discount store, such as Goodwill.) Then, cut the cloth into the shape of a circle. Up to a four-meter (12 feet) diameter circle is recommended.

Large and Small Images and Text

The exhibition will be seen from close and far distances. We suggest that you first create a large central image that represents you (for example a local landmark, animal, nature or sustainability theme). This image will be seen from far away as people walk to your parachute. Then, decorate the rest of your parachute with smaller artwork and comments about how you are living sustainably, how your local environment has been affected by climate change, and a message of hope. Permanent markers (they make recycled ones now!), latex house paint, acrylic paints, and spray paints are great choices for decorating your parachute. If you choose to add photos, we recommend that you have them printed on fabric and then sewn onto the parachute. All materials sewn on the parachute must be as thin as possible and completely foldable. Glue and tape is not recommended. Remember, the parachute will need to be rolled up and stored in a bag.

Display Your Name Along Edge

Please include text along the edge of the parachute indicating your name and location, using bold letters at least 10 cm (4 inches) high (for example, “BOYA ACADEMY, GUILIN, CHINA”).

Display Your Parachute Locally and Commit to Sustainable Actions:

Display your parachute(s) in your local community to raise awareness about sustainability (for example your school, company, city government, neighborhood, or on your car).


It may be sharing the Parachutes For The Planet project with other schools and clubs, changing your light bulbs to LED, picking up 10 pieces of trash on the streets, switching to renewable energy, asking restaurants to change their plastic cups to paper (PLEASE!!), composting your food scraps, and using your bicycle more. There are MANY things you can do to help the planet!

Enter your NEW SUSTAINABLE ACTIONS and then view your parachute and info on our PARACHUTE DATABASE.

Ship us Your Parachute As Soon As You Can

Send your parachute with your contact information to:

Mother Earth Project
PO Box 70922
Chevy Chase, Maryland 20813, USA

Please send us your parachute as soon as possible. The more parachutes we receive the larger the exhibitions and greater the impact. We need 200 parachutes before we have our first exhibition.

Also, send us photos from your local event (email us here) and we will share them on social media. We will send you an email confirming that we received your parachute. Note: We will not be able to return your parachute, but will save it for future exhibitions.

#MyParachute – A Virtual Parachute

We also encourage you to photograph your parachute and post it on social media to #MyParachute. If you CANNOT make a large parachute, you can create a


by creating artwork about living sustainably then post it on #MyParachute.
Remember, every voice counts!

Also, you can share your weekly sustainable action by creating a simple written note and posting it to #MyParachute.

Let Us Know!

Please let us know (email us here) you are creating a parachute and send us progress photos for us to post on social media! The earlier we know of your plans, the more time we have to organize the exhibition.

Examples of a Parachute

There are many examples of parachutes on our social media (click Instagram, Facebook and Twitter icons at bottom). Each parachute (real or virtual) should include a LARGE CENTRAL IMAGE, SMALL ARTWORK and COMMENTS expressing how you live sustainably, are affected by climate change and a message of hope.

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