Becoming a vegetarian appears to most people as an impossible feat. The main concern is a plant-based diet will not provide enough protein or it is too difficult to find tasty veggie meals. But the above foods provide almost the same amount of protein as meat and yes, there are delicious plant-based meal options out there.

Before giving up, try this:

• Consider reducing your meat meals from 4x weekly to 3x. Then,

• Find one veggie meal that you can eat, which could be a Beyond Meat or Impossible Burger, or a bean, rice and veggie burrito.

• Try eating less red meat (eg. cow, lamb, pig) and more chicken (1/6 the carbon footprint of red meat) or turkey (1/8).

• Watch The Game Changers on Netflix and discover how cavemen, gladiators, and many elite athletes are all vegetarians.

These simple steps will begin your journey and make an enormous positive impact on our planet and provide you with a healthier diet.

Mother Earth Project Collaborates with EatKindCorporation to promote a plant based diet! Check out this video and their website!