This Gallery highlights
Mother Earth Project Collaborations
with Schools and Organizations
around the World.

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CESJDSlogoCharles E Smith Jewish Day School (CESJDS), Rockville, MD        top
MEP is spending two days with K-12 CESJDS in 2017, the first with middle school students, and the second a part of an all-school art exhibition about sustainability. The school has also created an Instagram account featuring its student’s work, @MotherEarthCESJDS

somerseteslogoConnections Education, International        top
Connections Education is an online K-12 school system that educates over 70,000 students around the world. This Mother Earth Project Collaboration has empowered students to create artwork focused on sustainability and protecting the environment. Below is an example of their creations.

Kanuikapono-PCSlogoGuilin Middle School, CHINA        top
The Rubenstein family, co-founders of the Mother Earth Project visited the Guilin Middle School in China to discuss MEP, the environment and sustainability. The students were solid english speakers and they shared their experiences and ways they are helping to save the environment. It was an extremely enjoyable time together, learning about the Chinese culture and empowering the students to become “citizens of planet earth!”

Kanuikapono-PCSlogoKanuikapono PCS, Kauai, Hawaii        top
MEP is now collaborating with this school that celebrates the Hawaiian Polynesian culture, which has for centuries promoted man’s symbiotic relationship with the environment.  @MotherEarthKanuikaponoPCS

SidwellFriendsSidwell Friends School, Washington, DC        top
MEP is now collaborating with this school, which has the first LEED Platinum school building in the world. The school has an education program that studies sustainability and environmental issues. @MotherEarthSFS

Sidwell Friends School middle school class visits Mother Earth

somerseteslogoSomerset Elementary, Chevy Chase, MD        top
This school becomes the first Mother Earth Project Collaboration. Working with all 600 of its K-5 grade students, teacher Lynn Lewis has encouraged her students to create artwork with a sustainability focus. @MotherEarthSomersetES showcases this artwork.

The Town of Somerset, Chevy Chase, Maryland, had an Exhibition Opening of artwork created by 5th graders at Somerset Elementary School. This artwork is the product of a Mother Earth Project Collaboration with the school. Teacher Lynn Lewis explains the work of Jeremiah, and Mother Earth Project co-founder Ari Rubenstein (pianist) and Simon Diesenhaus perform Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror, the theme song for the project.  May 23, 2017

Somerset ES teacher Lynn Lewis describes her student’s environment-focused artwork