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El Camino del Río Dual Immersion Elementary after school program
United States
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Age Group: 6 to 11 Group: The kids were really excited to create pictures about the Earth, how to save the planet for the future and make it a better place to live. Message: “You are a wonderful member of the planet. We need you for a better tomorrow” “La mejor herencia que podemos dejar a nuestras generaciones es amor, conocimiento y un planeta para que puedan vivir” Pilar Zentz , BEST Coordinator Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication to this project. A big thank you and kudos to Tana for her leadership on this project, our community will be better informed and inspired by the voice and creativity of 4J students! My dad will be in town and I will be showing the parachutes off on June 1st! Thank you everyone! Sue Wilson, K-12 Curriculum Administrator, Mathematics & Applied Sciences, Eugene School District 4J • Tana, thank you for your work coordinating this project, and for keeping us in the loop about it! Appreciation too to all the teachers who have incorporated this project melding art, environmental science and social justice education into their classrooms. I can't wait to see the parachutes on display—and I'm looking forward to hearing more about them traveling to the National Mall! Kerry Delf, Assoc Dir. of Communications, Eugene School District 4J

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Photos of Parachutes at Schools and at First Friday Art Walk/Farmers' Market