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350 Montana (2 Parachutes)
United States
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We are the Montana-based climate activist organization connected to the international organization,, one of over 200 ground-based groups affiliated worldwide. Our mission is to reduce atmospheric CO2 concentrations to 350 ppm by implementing strategic actions and advocating policies to end fossil fuel burning with the greatest urgency. We envision a rapid conversion to a 100% renewable global energy system using wind, water, and solar. We work with the global grassroots climate movement to achieve these goals and safeguard Earth’s life-support systems.

Sustainable Actions in this Community

350 Montana is powerfully positioned to play key roles in meeting climate change challenges. Montana lies at Ground Zero for new fossil fuel infrastructure, extraction, and export and 350 Montana contributes uniquely to statewide politics. Our grass-roots, activist volunteers use this position to address the moral imperatives of global climate change. Currently, we have five elements in our 2022 strategic plan: 1. Social marketing through Letters to the Editor/Opeds/ social media campaigns making sure the people letters understand climate issues and recognize the cause of continuing forest fires, declines in cold-water fisheries, continuing drought, and extreme weather events. 2. Membership education for 350 MT, using survey to engage them We have developed a database of 2,500 Montanans who support our work. We will use this resource effectively. 3. Testify in Pre-approval in NWE battery storage attempts. Our elected public service commission will decide this year whether to add a battery to store electricity generated by wind farms. We firmly believe this is our monopoly utility's best path forward. 4. Support Laurel Folks At thee same time, the utility has plans for a $275 million methane generator in the rural community of Laurel, Montana. The proposal has generated local opposition, and we will support the locals any way we can. 5. Testify in the Missoula City Council (and maybe other city councils) Three cities, Missoula, Helena, and Bozeman have passed referendums seeking to purchase 100 percent of their electricity from carbon-free sources by 2030. We want to make sure this happens.