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Creative Initiative for Enterprise Development (4 Parachutes)
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Our new sustainable actions include; Building relationships with our local leaders and law makers to get about in to climate change activities. Continuous community sensitization on climate change effects and causes through farmer groups that we work with. Promotion of tree growing, restoration of the degraded land using forest garden approaches using schools as our entry point. Promotion of clean efficient cook stoves to reduce on fuel wood consumption this being the primary source of cook energy in the rural areas where we work.

Sustainable Actions in this Community

The club has 42 members and one of the activities selected was for each member to plant 10 trees this holiday which falls on 10th May, 2021. That was arrived at after each member committed to pay 1,000 Uganda Shillings from their pic money so that CIfED would then top up the balance for them to get 10 trees. The actions that will be monitored and reported on include; Tree survival rate, solid waste management in each members home and community sensitization.