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Education Watch Burundi - EWB (25 Parachutes)
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I'm writing to you to let you know that we are honored and encouraged to see Burundi Parachutes community visible on international level. We are now working hard to have a memorable event on september 25,2020. In addition, I'm pleased to let you know that we initiate a great project " Greta's Disciples Academy" that aims to equip children ( First cohort, 10-18 of age) with skills and connections they need to grow stronger in climate justice advocacy. This project will help in promoting our MEP and I look forward to having the MEP flag in the academy office yard. Finally, in line with the September 25, 2020 climate action and with Greta's Disciples Academy, we need more parachutes, and I'm trying to have partnership with DHL so as to make easy materials shipping for CCLBurundi. With gratitude, Didier, CCLBurundi

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Watch a video of young students playing with their parachute and learning about the environment!