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Many Faces Education Centre (2 Parachutes)
Flin Flon
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For the past year, my students have been learning about environmental impacts in their local area, province and around the world and are taking local action. Actions taken: 1) Spoke with city Mayor regarding what is happening in our area to curb climate change 2) Spoke with our provincial member of parliament regarding what is happening at the provincial level 3) Visited the local recycling centre 4) Visited the local dump 5) Participated in a water walk 6) Participated in lunchtime Friday's climate demonstrations 7) Project-based learn around climate actions 8) Growing food in a tower garden for our student meal program 9) Wrote a letter to the local government to have plastic bags banned 10) Participating in the 3% project I am seeking a free parachute at this point. Our school community has breakfast, lunch, and snack programs for all students (30 students). We are an alternative school with a population of high school youth from economically stressed backgrounds and the vast majority of students' identity as Indigenous. Our annual budget has been reduced from last year, yet we are still expected to meet the highest standards of education. We want our students to participate in authentic projects and believe a parachute will assist us in reaching this initiative.  

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