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Keller Family Activism
United States
Studio City
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I'm an artist and a climate reality leader in Los Angeles. We have been working hard on a 100% clean renewable commitment for our school district, the 2nd largest in the country! Sept. 20th will be a huge day for us to really gain momentum, as there will be a board vote in October. I plan on painting the parachute to raise awareness about our campaign. Our mayor has a green campaign, yet the schools are not a part of it, AND are the largest energy consumers in the city. I'm also a kinder art teacher and parent advocate at my daughter's middle school. She is in an environmental science Academy at our title one local public school. I'm hoping to help her class create a parachute in the future. Her teacher is on board, and I was planning on reaching out to you guys about this project as well. If you'd like to sign our petition and share, we'd be thrilled as we feel this isn't just a local issue, but a global crisis and every action counts. Thanks, and I'm thrilled to connect! Lois

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