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350 Wilmington, NC (2 Parachutes)
United States
North Carolina
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My name is Lindsay Lake, and I'm one of the co-directors of 350 Wilmington in North Carolina. We are organizing a week of strike events during September 20-27th and would love to have a parachute to decorate for our strike events on Sept. 20th and Sept. 24. We've organized youth climate strikes in the past, and we hope that these parachutes will join us on all future strikes and be a fun, artistic way for our community to collaborate and make a statement for our planet. On September 20th, we will be hosting a march and die-in in the Wilmington downtown area and hope to have a parachute to decorate. On September 24th, we are organizing a "Paint the Streets for Mother Earth" event, in which we will be painting a collaborative street mural downtown, and it would be fabulous to also have a parachute to decorate then as well.

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Here is our website with more details about each event: