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Bronx Science High School (10 Parachutes)
United States
New York
New York
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Dear Barton and the MEP team, I think it’s so important for Bronx Science--obviously known for its focus on science --to be involved in the climate change movement. I checked out your website and love the idea of using parachutes to relay our message. We can decorate these parachutes during our Climate Week and then use them on the day of the Global Climate Walkout. We would love if you can donate 10 parachutes to us. Our school would also love to send a parachute to add to your international collection!

Sustainable Actions in this Community

Thank you again for the beautiful parachutes. Our school had a fun time decorating them, even students who were usually shy asked questions and got involved. Everyone made so many new friends. I’ve attached some pictures of the Parachute art build at Bronx Science. We also made it a The New York Times article! FYI, I’m actually also a part of the Global Climate Strike Planning Committee. Our Climate Week leads up to the final day, the Global Climate Strike (Sep 20,2019). Bronx Science students will walkout and join others at the UN. We will definitely be bringing these wonderful parachutes. We are in the process of finding out the photographers for the Parachute designing event but we will definitely send all the photos/videos and keep you posted. Again thank you so much for this contribution. Warm Regards, Mandy Leung