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Environmental Club of Government Science and Technical College
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We the members of the Environmental Club of Government Science and Technical College Abuja Nigeria, wish to tell the story of how we made our parachute for the planet. First, in order to make the parachute, we needed all hands to be on deck, so, we got everyone in the club together and started off. The materials used were: Markers packs of different colors. Bed sheet (16 yards) cut into 4 x4 yards. The length about 4 meters Latex paint (acrylic paint of different colors A good set of small paint brushes Three medium paint brushes A good adhesive tape (duct tape) A pair of scissors A large blue plastic mat as a working surface A palette knife We measured and cut out the sixteen yards bed sheets into a set of four yards (the size of a room and then, sew up the set of four yards together (4x4 ) to get a big four meter circle. Next, is cutting out the circle by folding the cloth into its two lines of symmetry and then cut out a quadrilateral ,when opened up we got a tickety-boo circle for the parachute . In addition, we used a marker to make another big circle on the parachute where the name and location of our school and our country Nigeria would be written. Furthermore, we set out to do a sketch work with pencils on the designs and our expression on Mother Earth after which, we outlined the marks boldly with black markers. Next, after sketching the designs with pencils, we did the painting of the artwork with different colors you can see for instance, the gun and the human arm, the industries and industrial pollutions and our Mother Earth to bring out our true expressions on what we felt about our Mother Earth. However we took the parachute and showed it to the entire community to sensitize them to take a big leap to save our planet and wildlife. Thank you from the members of ECO club GSTC Abuja Nigeria

Sustainable Actions in this Community

We the eco club members of GSTC area3 Garki abuja Nigeria we sensitized our school community on waste management and recycling. After our capacity training by GIF-SEP . In addition we trained the entire school community on separation of waste into plastic,compost and landfill,we also enlightened the community on power saving activities like switching off light bulbs and fans after use, using led bulbs, turning off taps and e.t.c. More so our members took meaningful actions to educate others on how to conserve our environment by planting trees and making gardens.