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Westport Central School
United States
New York
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Westport is located on Lake Champlain in upstate New York. The town thrives on tourism. In years past the lake would freeze over but in recent years there are far fewer days that it is safe to recreate on. Ice fishing, ice skating, snowmobiling and other winter recreation is declining. In the summer the swimmers and boaters have to be concerned with increased invasive species such as Eurasian Milfoil, zebra muscles, and lamprey. Increase algae blooms are also a health and environmental issue. Over the years the small town's population had decreased, education budgets have shrunk, and our school has decided to merge with another locate school. Our parachute project helps educate about environmental issues while keeping the Westport Eagles's spirit alive as we transition to our new identity as the Boquet Valley Central School.

Sustainable Actions in this Community

Westport High School students attended the WILD Center Climate Summit in Tupper Lake and learned about the parachute project. They decided to make a difference through education. Students raised money and applied for grants to run a community clean up and Earth Day celebration. As part of the Earth Day celebration students highlighted the positive actions our school is taking including: solar cell phone chargers, school composting, zero sort recycling, Adapt - A-Salmon, and community garden.

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