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Parth Ghawghawe Climate Striker
United States
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My name is Parth Ghawgahwe and I am a senior at Brandeis High school located in San Antonio Texas. A quick bit about myself: I run a nonprofit called Defend the Depths and we advocate for sustainable choices and development, geared towards our oceans. Our mission is to spread the message that inland actions have an effect on our oceans. We have lead many initiatives and projects throughout the school year to help spread our message My community, whom which I am heavily involved with--the Helotes/San Antonio area, is having a training session this weekend at our public library to help spread awareness about the climate crisis and what all people can do to help this cause. We are also working with nonprofits such as Citizens Climate Lobby and March for Science (their theme this year is Climate Action) to host a strike during the end of September because recently the Climate Action Plan San Antonio (CASA for short) vote was pushed back and we would like to show support for it. Currently most of our climate related things just come out of our own pocket because San Antonio businesses and other grants are typically in support for oil and other harmful activities (Texas is very one sided and the odds are typically stacked against us). Having the parachute would be helpful because I would go around the community and in schools, getting people's signature to show that they care and want San Antonio to become more of a sustainable city as currently we are under our set target for many pollutants. Currently most of my initiates are paid out of pocket. Just as a side request, could I possibly get sent another parachute for the community of Nagpur India? I am traveling there soon and would love to rally up and spread our message using this parachute there (I think kids and youth there would love the idea there). During my stay there, I am working with schools and nonprofits to implement and advocate for sustainable development and choices as that is something which is not brought up often there. I would use the parachute to get kids signatures there and hand it off to a government representative there showing that kids there care about the planet and that legislature there should represent that. Most of my conservation work comes out of my own pocket due to many companies showing no interest for sustainable development as stated earlier. Let me know if I would be able to qualify for one or two parachutes. Thanks, Parth Ghawghawe