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Citizens' Climate Lobby Group Chapter in Antananarivo, Madagascar
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18may 2018: we received the fund from the Mother Earth Project. We purchased the suppliers like bed sheets, brushes, and paints. 21 may 2018: start to collect our ideas, the color, the picture, the design of the parachute. 24 may 2018: drawing picture done, and checked the information. 26-27may: ending the design of the parachutes. We bought a new bed sheet for our parachutes. First of all, our main goal is connected our island to the rest of the world and sharing our ideas to other countries. We are CCL team in Madagascar. We have already written our project like environmental education but this parachutes is our first environmental project, and one of the best project. In our two parachutes, we represent our country. The first big parachute size 4m of diameter, in the middle the map of the Madagascar island with different biodiversity inside such as: lemur, vanilla bean, aloalo, baobab tree and surrounded by sea. Those things make our island different from the others, because 80% of the biodiversity in Madagascar are endemic. You can’t see them anywhere else. One of the reasons we participate in this program and try to send our voice to hear in the world. Our country is in danger, the biodiversity inside are in danger, particularly us, people living here are victim of climate change. For example the lemurs are in extinction if we don’t make an action to save it. People burn their home, and hunt them. In the southern part of Madagascar people suffer from drought, hugger every year no rain, dry and no food. Many people day every year in the south. Our team are aware about climate change and would like to realize a project of planet earth conservation action. We are conscious the planet earth is our unique home and we must take care of it. We need planet earth, planet earth need our help. Most of the cause of climate change are made by human being. We are the first responsible of it. We want to share our voice and wake up with the world to keep our environment safe. We hope that we will not stop there but go so far with a serious action for the planet. The second parachute is a small parachute size 2,5m of diameter. In the middle we draw a picture of ravinala tree. It is a native tree and symbols of Madagascar. The ravinala tree is very exception, we call it a traveler tree because if you travel in the forest and you are thirsty, and the ravinala tree save you, just make a small hole in the ravinala tree and you get fresh and clean water. During the raining saison, this tree collects water and keeps water for the passanger. So we choose this tree in our parachute because ravinala forest is in danger, it burns by bush fire here. We would like to save our planet, as well as our island with its living things.    

7.17.2018: I would just like to acknowledge the tragic loss of our CCL (Citizens' Climate Lobby) Sister in Madagascar last week: Mia Ravelo.  She was trained by CCL last February.  She helped make this beautiful and powerful parachute.