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Rainbow Rising Alliance - Trip to Scandinavia (3 Parachutes)
United Kingdom
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Rituraj (Raj) Phukan and I are touring Scandinavia by train, as 2 co-directors of Rainbow Rising an unpaid professional action centre, focused on empowering Human-Nature Communities... the means of mitigating the worst of the Environmental Emergency and enabling self-actuating and sustainable development on their own terms. Raj ( Facebook ) is a conservationist, climate and wildlife author in Assam, North East India and myself,, I'm the old man with a PhD Life Scientist, consultant in organisational and environmental excellence, based out of the the British Isles. Both respected professionals in our own fields; we met under the direction of Al Gore, who trained us in Istanbul 2013, as Climate Reality Leaders and have always harboured an ambition to coach and empower in our skills with local (sometimes indigenous) Human Nature Communities around the world. It was another member of our team, Michael David Terungwa (fresh from his Day of Action in Nigeria, Facebook) who inspired me to come to you . We may even take one of his finished artworks with us, if we can.!! Our passionate concern about bringing carbon emissions under control go hand-in-hand with deep engagement with the continuation of Life as a whole and although you are right, this is a new adventure... we are seasoned campaigners with depth and breadth of competence to make it happen. Looking at Facebook, you will see that as well as Climate and Wildlife organisations we count around 2000 contacts each,.in over 90 countries on every continent of the Earth and it is for their communities and future generations that we work... By visiting Father Christmas as well as the rewilding projects in Lapland, we intent to connect with the imaginations of the children of the world; by meeting with key transition leaders in the capital cities we shall build powerful relationship and by inviting people on the street to participate in our little street theatre of kites and parachutes, we hope to engender a big conversation that will carry on the winds of change as an informed vision of a post-fossil fuel Europe.

Sustainable Actions in this Community

I am the leader of a delegation traveling the length and breadth of Scandinavia in June, 2019, to highlight the impacts of Human pollution and global degradation on The Quality of Life for wild species. We are stopping off in Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki then heading for the top ... the Arctic homelands of the reindeer, their friends The Saami Peoples and their favourite son, Father Christmas. Our objective is to access adult decision makers via the children both here in Europe and around the world and it would be great to have them bringing the parachutes to life, right there in the streets and open spaces.

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