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Rosemont Elementary School (19 Parachutes)
British Columbia
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Judy Betts, a retired teacher and volunteer with Citizens’ Climate Lobby, was at Rosemont Elementary last week helping students contribute to Parachutes for the Planet. Betts said the kindergarten to Grade 5 students surprised her by how much they already know about climate change. “Unfortunately I do get kids who say to me, ‘I’m scared.’ I find that a hard thing to address,” she said. “Because it is scary. 2030 is when these Grade 1 students will graduate, and that’s when we’re supposed to have met the carbon emission standards as written out in the Paris Accord. I sure hope we make it. I don’t know. “So their feedback is a curiosity about the planet. I hope a deeper appreciation of the need to take care of the planet as well.” The four parachutes made at Rosemont are each divided by elemental themes — earth, fire, water and air — and include students’ messages about how to protect each element.


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Betts said the parachutes will be displayed locally before being taken to Victoria along with approximately 30 other locally made parachutes. There they will be laid out on the grounds of the provincial legislature on May 13.

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