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The School House Early Care and Learning Centre (2 Parachutes)
British Columbia
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03.2019, 02.2022
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We are an Early Learning center that is committed to inviting children and their families to be a part of the solution for creating sustainable and just futures for all. We serve about 75 families in the community of Nelson BC. We are an early learning centre with a team of educators beginning on a journey to bring environmental education and awareness to the children in our care.

Sustainable Actions in this Community

We have participated in creating a parachute about five years ago and are keen to take this on with a new group of children. We are in the process of creating an ARK (Acts of Restorative Kindness) on our grounds to allow a piece of land to revert to indigenous plants... with a little help from the children. Our children have initiated a few projects on their own such as garbage collection in the park and putting up signs to remind the community to clean up. We continue to look for opportunities to engage children in acts of caring for the world.

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