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Humanitarian Focus - Andrise Bass Communities (4 Parachutes)
Dominican Republic
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My name is Andrise Bass and I am a climate leader activist, a climate reality mentor. I created a non-profit, Humanitarian Focus Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting empowerment of children and families to achieve life long success through education, leadership program and economic development. Founded in 2007, Humanitarian Focus Foundation is dedicated to address community based issues, such as lack of education, clean water and self sustaining program.

Sustainable Actions in this Community

We will decorate parachutes, talk about sustainability, take sustainable actions and organize meetings with local politicians to ask for better climate laws. I will do the parachute project in DR in July, 2019, with my nonprofit and the nonprofit I have there called GoGreenToys. We create toys with trash picked up from the street or from the ocean to send to orphanages or places where kids cannot buy toys.

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