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Our aim is to include a parachute action in the INNOV VILLAGE component of the upcoming Africa parade of Innovators Hii-FESTIVAL on June 28-30, 2019, in Bamako. We hope to engage 15,000 people. The activity include a lobby action for better climate laws.

Some of pictures actually show the displaying of parachutes in front of parliamentary , government members and local authorities at the Hii- FESTIVAL 2019 official ceremony.
Here are some pictures of the representative of Ministries, First Lady, Mayor, etc.

Sustainable Actions in this Community

The Brazilia Declaration of 21 March 2018 on the Principles of Water Security is an important gateway to relevant actions for the safeguarding of the Planet. So an appropriation of the Decade of Water launched a year ago is a duty incumbent on all. Relevant and innovative actions such as the YES Entrepreneurs MALI initiative must be multiplied around the world. Launched on June 30, 2018 at the first African parade of innovators (Hii-FESTIVAL 2018), the decennial support initiative of the global water protection agenda will mobilize an investment portofolio of 500 million US dollars. and cover all areas of MALI; Tomorrow, March 22nd, 2019, Water Day, will be celebrated by every Entrepreneur of the YES network, all over the world, through information and outreach activities at this time when the effects of climate change related to the shortage of Water are becoming more and more urgent, especially in the Sahel region. In a month, April 22, will be celebrated the Earth Day with the theme 'PROTECT THE SPECIES'. I invite you cordially to consider, as usual, activities and / or editorial achievements for the next Nature Day. Write newspaper articles, take initiatives, and let us know. The best initiative will be awarded on June 29, 2019 in Bamako a prestigious trophy 'Bitikini Innovation Challenge Awards', in favor of Hii-FESTIVAL 2019 - the African parade of Innovators). I remain convinced that this call will be heard like the others who made resounding echoes thanks to your volunteer, multifaceted and invaluable commitment. Thank you Kalilou DAMA Consultant, Business Innovation Global Ambassador, Member of the World Commission on Environmental Law - IUCN American Geophysical Union community, member Phone 66748807 - e-mail