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Nuevo Amanecer School, Villa los Boldos
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We would like to give you a parachute for the planet made by children of the Chilean school "Nuevo Amanecer", located in the rural Villa los Boldos, at 8 km of the city of Toltén in the Araucania Region of Chile. It is a small public school, with almost a 98% of children with a vulnerable economic situation. Nevertheless, with the effort of the School's Director and teachers, 5 students -between 10 to 14 years old- traveled to United States under a special program implemented to strengthen their knowledge in English. During their visit to Washington D.C we had the opportunity to tell them about the Mother Earth project Parachutes for the Planet. They intermediately were very receptive and wanted to participate with their own parachute to help creating awareness in living sustainable lives and protecting the environment. They informed us that the school has a special program related to sustainability and live healthy lives. We send you some of the pictures taken during the parachute making process . It was a fantastic experience. The Chilean Embassy -especially the DCM Julio Fiol, Felipe Allard from the economic department, Barbara De Georgis from the cultural department  and myself- are very grateful for having the possibility to support their interest to be part in the wonderful Mother Earth project.

Best! Felipe and Daniela of the Chilean Embassy in Washington, DC