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McCornack Elementary School, 3rd Grade
United States
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We are 3rd graders from McCornack Elementary School in Eugene, Oregon. Our school and its surrounding community are amazing. Here at McCornack we work hard to be Earth friendly. We compost our food and other materials as well as recycle things here. We have participated in projects that require students to use recycled materials to create art . In Science, we have been learning about what plants need in order to grow and continue in their life cycle through hydroponics. We thought this would be a great project for students so they can see how their contribution makes an impact on others now, and into the future. Sincerely, Mrs. Mertz’s class This parachute was painted by 3rd graders at McCornack Elementary School. We are a neighborhood school in West Eugene. The painting of the parachute fit beautifully with our science curriculum. We studied Weather and Climate in the fall and Life Science in the spring. The parachute was a great way to bring together some of the topics we had been learning about and create a piece of artwork related to our science learning. -Heather Friesen, 3rd grade teacher

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