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Tanvi - Youth Climate Activist (1 Parachute)
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To The Mother Earth Project, My name is Tanvi Mishra, and I am currently studying as a biologist at the University of Debrecen in Hungary. I am also a youth climate advocate, volunteering in three UN Youth constituencies, (UNEP MGCY, UNFCCC, and SDG-7) as well as an ambassador for the Global Landscapes Forum. I believe in a future that is run by a circular economy, where climate-positive practices are fiscally beneficial, and where science runs in congruence with economic policies, instead of against it. As a biologist; especially one who is working in a tissue culture lab, including with plants designed to have a high yield, food insecurity is of special interest to me. I want the global food systems to adapt to climate change; and time is of the essence in this matter. I also believe in taking care of our most vulnerable communities to climate change- the coastal ones, especially since I myself was brought up in Thailand and bore witness to the 2011 floods- often dubbed "the world's costliest flood" by the World Bank. It cost over 46 billion USD- so around the amount Elon Musk paid for Twitter this week. And it was a dramatic wake-up call for me. I'm writing to you because I am asking for accreditation from your organization to attend the Stockholm+50 this June. I believe I would make an excellent youth delegate- I also have over 5+ years of experience in Model UN conferences, and recently gave a speech for the Stockholm+50 pre-meetings for the UNEP secretariat and the chairs of Finland and Egypt. If possible, since the deadline is the 3rd of May, I would like to hear from you as soon as possible. Kindest regards, Tanvi Mishra -- Miss Tanvi, STEM Student and Writer,