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Manchester-Essex Regional High School (4 Parachutes)
United States
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My school has had a "green" program for the better part of 25 years. It began with the obvious... Recycling. However, when the district began construction of a new middle-high school 14 years ago, we had input into what to include. These were Solar, lighting, heating and HVAC upgrades. We have currently had all of our CFL fixtures changed to LED, based on a grant and student involvement.

Currently, we have 4 classes that run concurrently:

Sustainability 101 1 Semester (18 Students) Green Team Interns 1 Semester (15 Students) Green Team Scholars Full Year (2 classes with 22 Students) AP Environmental Science Full Year (19 Students)

The program is project driven by individual students, where they need to develop an impactful project and implement prior to the end of the class. In the past several years, we have had students win many awards, both locally and at the state level. Project Green Schools has recognized 8 of my students/groups in the past 4 years, issuing State Awards and Citations.

Having a parachute as a team project would be a wonderful accent to the program, as well as the connection to "The Mother Earth Project". One of the curricular points we cover is outreach beyond our community "bubble".

Sustainable Actions in this Community

Award winning Green Scholars program in the High School LEED school buildings Town Sustainability Committee Largest Compost Facility north of Boston (Black Earth)