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Anne Sullivan School (3 Parachutes)
Los Alamos
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Dear Mother Earth Project Team, I am writing from Anne Sullivan School to kindly request (if possible) three free parachutes for the students in our school. As you know, our school has always been involved in many different projects and activities to call for Climate Action and we would love to participate with our very own parachutes this year. Thank you so much for your attention and for continuing making a change.

Sustainable Actions in this Community

Here are photos and video from the display of our parachutes that we did in front of the National Palace, which is our President's residence. The exact location is the Main Square in Mexico City. We were asked many times by police officers what we were doing and as soon as we told them it was a peaceful strike demanding action for Climate Change, they let us continue with our display.

Once again, thank you so much for letting us be a part of this amazing project!