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Green Meadow Foundation (3 Parachutes)
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Thank you for your appreciation about our work. The Green Meadow Foundation is a registered organization based in Gilgit Baltistan. The Main objective of our Foundation is to raise awareness regarding environmental issues to educate, inform and motivate people to take real sustainable actions. The environment is everyone's business because protection of our environment is so important. We are always focused on integrating environmental consideration as part of the environmental messages. Currently the org is focussing on tree plantation activities, alternative to plastic bags, cleanliness, water conservation , ecosystem restoration through our small and big steps. inshallah one day we will really bring changes at community level, at policy level. Our environmental commitment is 1- to build a better tomorrow 2- to recycle people thinking Our small efforts will help to achieve SDGs goals for shaping a better tomorrow. Join hands or raise hands with us for a better future. There is no pressing issue facing our society other than the need to change the way we live, work, and do business in order to protect our planet or natural environment. This is a monumental task and takes the combined efforts of all stakeholders and actively engages the public. our awareness programme is a powerful tool to recycle people's thinking, changing minds for climate change about planet earth through real sustainable and passive actions to maintain the planet earth in perfect balance for all creatures to survive. Last but not least earth is a great place to stay. Allah gives us plenty of water & air not found anywhere in universal not found anywhere. Allah made rivers, stream and valley, glaciers everywhere around earth to allow people and animals to drink. This makes people able to grow plants and crops for their food. Now is our responsibility to make planet earth a better place for our next generation. We are committed and we will be remain committed to providing our environmental services that help us, help our next generation and our environment. Thanks for your support and efforts and time Israr Ahmed Founder GMG-GB

Sustainable Actions in this Community

Planted more than 20000 plans and they are still alive Conducted 30 environmental session in Schools Make environmental club in school and at community level sensitize people to bring changes in live of community and at policy level. it is on going process.... to make the difference