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PLANET eARTh PROJECT at the Betsy Hotel Miami Beach during Art Basel (14 Parachutes)
United States
Miami Beach
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As civilization becomes simultaneously more knowledgeable and more regressive, we see an imminent threat to ourselves and our planet in peril. Yet there are solutions now. Humanity and Mother Nature need to work hand in hand in order to survive and thrive. We need to work with the energies of the earth, the sea, and humanity, not against them; embracing racial and gender equality, humane health practices, sustainable technologies and new paradigms in energy, governance, architecture, planning, engineering, land use, zoning, code, marine ecology, preservation of species, and all human activity. Through adaptation of the systems inherent in the universe we inhabit, we can ensure the health and continuity of all life forms, including ourselves. -Tina Spiro

Sustainable Actions in this Community

PLANET eARTh PROJECT Expected Outcomes

  • To avert unnecessary further degradation of the sea and environment surrounding South Florida.
  • To preserve and enhance the unique urban and cultural infrastructure of Magic City.
  • To create realistic models of Miami Beach and Miami as future cities designed to accommodate to climate change.
  • For Miami Beach to assume leadership as a resilient city innovator and global forum for climate change solutions.


  1. The PLANET eARTh PROJECT is a collaborative public art installation.
  2. As lead artist, Tina Spiro will work with a team of Miami artists to create a series of embellished parachutes illustrating climate change solutions, inspired by the global initiative Parachutes for the Planet based in Washington D.C.
  3. The footprint and scope of the project are determined by the specific parameters of the location(s) selected.
  4. Each parachute presents a new climate change solution, both technical and behavioral, some geared specifically to Miami and Miami Beach, some planetary in scope.
  5. Each 12' diameter Parachute for the Planet is created by an emerging or established Miami artist.
  6. Lighting, sound and video are integral to the project.
  7. Collectively the parachutes form a tented canopy, becoming an immersive public space that conveys Climate Solutions through art, the universal communicator.
  8. The proposed venue will be at the Betsy Hotel, Miami Beach’s premier cultural mecca.
  9. The Planet eARTh Project is ongoing, and able to evolve and adapt to different venues.