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Hello from Fridays for Future Lebanon! We hope our emails finds you well. Fridays For Future Lebanon is the Lebanese chapter of Fridays for Future (FFF), a youth-led global climate activism movement spanning 7,500 cities. As the fulfillment of climate justice is largely related to that of social justice, our chapter is currently working on a campaign calling for the abolishment of the Kafala system. The Kafala system, in short, is an exploitative system that requires unskilled migrant workers to have a sponsor in Lebanon responsible for their legal and visa status, making it very easy for employers/sponsors to abuse migrant workers with no legal action being taken in response. After the Beirut explosion, things have only become worse for migrant workers in Lebanon. We as FFF Lebanon defend values of peace, love, and equity and firmly believe that there is a relationship between social justice and climate action. This is why we are asking for your help in abolishing the social injustice that is the Kafala system. How can you help? 1. Sign our Declaration! Drawing on our perspective as the youth of Lebanon, we wrote a declaration/petition calling for the abolishment of the Kafala system in Lebanon. The declaration was signed by over 200 individuals and supported by Anti-Racism Movement, This is Lebanon 961, and LOYAC in Lebanon as well as climate movements across Europe and Asia (YACAP, Youth for Climate France, FFF Dazaifu, FFF Romania, and Polluters Out Romania). Your signature would be extremely helpful. You may view and sign the declaration as an organization on this document. Kindly share the document with your audience so they can sign the declaration as well! 2. Donate! After the Beirut explosion, many migrant workers have little money and food and no means to return to their country of origin. They need help, and they need it now. The link to the fundraiser (started by the Anti-Racism Movement in Lebanon) can also be found in this document. We hope that you will take these steps towards abolishing the unjust Kafala system and helping migrant workers in Lebanon! Let us unite for the common good. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for any inquiries or further collaboration! Best regards, Fridays For Future Lebanon

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