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350 Tacoma (17 Parachutes)
United States
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We're looking at doing a coalition climate justice demonstration in December here in Tacoma and are looking at different options for fabrics to paint letters on (each group would paint a letter for a message like "CLIMATE ACTION NOW"). We would then lay them out on in the street in front of city hall. Thanks for your time!

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Dec 11, 2020:

We did it! Nearly two dozen justice groups came together, took over Market Street, deployed 17 banners and over 650 pairs of shoes and told the Tacoma City Council "PEOPLE OVER PROFIT"!

It's been over a year since the city passed a Climate Emergency Resolution yet nothing has actually been done to STOP fossil fuels. Today, we came together to hold our city leaders' feet to the fire and demand real climate action now.

Sign on to support our demands at

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this action and made it happen!

Dec 4, 2020:

The Tacoma Climate Solidarity Event is less than a week away! Here you can see some of our 12' banners. Can you guess what we will spell out across all 16 of them?

We hope you'll join us December 10 by doing a shoe strike of your own - put some shoes or front of your home with a sign saying why climate action is important to you - and then posting to social media with #253ClimateSolidarity

December 10 will mark one year since the City passed a Climate Emergency Resolution. Now we want to see more action! No more fossil fuels, whether new or expanded!

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350 Tacoma

Sign on to support our demands at