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Break Free Plastic Bat Parachute and 50th Earth Day and SDGs!
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The theme for #EarthDay2020 is #ClimateAction. The enormous challenges as well as the vast opportunities of action on #climatechange have made the issue as the most pressing topic for the 50th anniversary with the #COVID-19. #ClimateChange represents the biggest threat to the future of our civilization, biodiversity, humanity and the life support systems that make our world habitable. Thus calling for an accelerated level of #ClimateAction towards ending the #ClimateCrisis At #BFP_Initiative, during this year's #EarthDay2020, we will use all resources at our disposal in order to amplify voices taking action for climate. We shall promote the actions of billions of people, even imperfectly, in order to change our lives and change our world, not just in commemoration of #EarthDay2020, but forever. While the Coronavirus may force us to keep our distance, it will not force us to keep our voices down. That is why we designed a parachute for climate depicting major pandemics of the 21st Century that were as a result of over exploitation of wildlife habitats by humans. These outbreaks or diseases, according to scientific research, emerged from bats, they include SARS, MERS, EBOLA and the current pandemic threatening humanity, known as #COVID19. Moreover, the only thing that can change the world as we all know is by working together with a mindset geared towards the 5 Ps of development (People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnerships). This remains our ticket towards a Sustainable Development.