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Zimbabwe Schools (12 +14 Parachutes)
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02.2020, 02.2022
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Parachutes have requested for schools in Mutare are Chisamba, Hobhouse, and Dangamvura Primary Schools also Dangamvura High School, St Joseph High School, St Marry's, Chikanga and Zimunya High Schools. We have spoken with school clubs and responded to their request. They want us to provide them with parachutes, brushes and paint. For Tanzania we can also send then parachutes. Best regards Jussa

Sustainable Actions in this Community

  World Environment Day, 2022, celebrations at Zamba Primary School in Sakubva Mutare, Zimbabwe. Let us give our coming generations a healthier and happier environment to have a beautiful life. Mother Earth Project Parachutes to raise environmental awareness in Schools.

MAYA is focused on Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs!

Manica Youth Assembly (MAYA) and its volunteers engaged in a robust tree planting activity at Dangamvura High school that allowed the organisation to plant 100 plants and encourage the school kids to take time plant trees instead of spending time with their lovers during this Valentine’s Day 2020. The environment is under threat from deforestation and hence there is need to keep pace and plant trees instead of being old without growing trees. MAYA encouraged the kids to plant trees each year commensurate with the number of trees they have attended school at their school from form 1 to form six.

MAYA also introduced the environmental and tree planting club that will oversee the watering and upkeep of trees beyond the planting event. The trees will beautify the school as well as prevent soil erosion and formation of gullies due to lack of protective trees around the school premises. For every flower that is used by Valentine lovers, the kids should also plant double trees to curb deforestation and climate change.

We encourage all stakeholders to join the progressive forces that are planting trees to rejuvenate the vegetation of the communities around Manicaland and beyond.

MAYA for environmental and climate justice

Jussa Kudherezera MAYA Coordinator