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Hoboken High School Environmental Science Club (5 Parachutes)
United States
New Jersey
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I lead the environmental science club. I have a small group of students, so one or two parachutes would be a great start. We have all of the art supplies for decorating them ready to go. - Jean Lebegue

Sustainable Actions in this Community

I have given the project some additional thought. What I have in mind is to display parachutes at the entrance of our school for Earth week. We hope to do a fundraiser "dress down" where all of the staff members will dress in green in honor of Earth week which has been done in years pass. We will send all the proceeds of this dress down to your nonprofit group. What I have in mind is a "gallery" of parachutes - perhaps four if possible, highlighting different environmental issues. We could use one for climate change, one for reduction of plastic water bottle use, one for recycling and one for wildlife conservation. I will have members of my club stand with the parachutes and discuss environmental issues with the students during period 5 and 6 of what is known as "personal growth period", a middle portion of our day when students can move freely throughout the building to eat lunch and work on projects such as student activities. We could also make a poster using our poster printer with information about the Mother Earth project which may motivate people to donate independently. Therefore, I believe we could decorate four parachutes, if this is possible. We will take pictures of our parachutes and post the photos onto social media. Afterwards, we can send the decorated parachutes back to you to be used for various protests. Please let me know if you could spare this many parachutes!