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Institución educativa María Auxiliadora (17 Parachutes)
Cartago Valle del Cauca
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We are a Public Institution which aims to make our environmental needs a focus on our teaching and learning scenarios. We have almost a thousand learners in our school, from first to eleventh grade this is a school with almost 100 years of story. We are looking forward to raise awareness in our city and community around to help tackling the climate crisis. That's why we are asking you to send us the parachutes, also we will kindly ask you to help us with the payment of the delivery as we are a public institution our resources are limited. We have a march to ask for the purchase of our school the next 29th of this month (As this belong to a private religious instirution) and this strike is related to the belongings of our territory. To raise awareness about the importance of having the territory in our hands and more importantly our school. Due to that fact we need your help to raise our voice and save our motherland, our school and by those means the planet.

    I am writing in response to the advertisement that I saw in the webpage that you were donating parachutes for the climate strike. At this moment my role is promoter of the strike in which we are going to march this coming friday september 20th. In the process of calling people to action; there is the involvement of Universidad de Valle sede Cartago, Sembrando el Planeta movement, Conciencia Consciente Group, A la Calle Youth Group, and other collective and social institutions involved,at least 20 schools in the area. A strong collaboration received from civil society from all backgrounds and interests. As we invited 16 educational institutes from our city we have the need to use this very important tool that is the parachute to create together with the community a sign to ask together for a better and healthier future. We would like to have 10 or 15 parachutes. For us to be very visual and colorful; these will be creative and remarkable creations - paintings from the people on parachutes.

Sustainable Actions in this Community

We educate students in values of responsibility and taking care of all living beings as San Francisco de Asís taught us. Also we are focusing our educational project on the design and construction of a sustainable and resilient community. Thus, we need as much parachutes as we can get, thanks in advance and we will wait for the positive answer in terms of the parachutes and the economic aid for paying the transportation of the parachutes, if possible.