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Kaitaia College Climate Action Group
New Zealand
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Hi, I’m Halayna one of the members of the Kaitaia College Climate Action Group. We are a small group of students located at the top of New Zealand that is passionate about the environment. On the 27th of September, much like many other schools worldwide, we shall be running our strike. This will be the third strike we have run this year and was hoping to have a parachute to help assist in spreading our message. Our group has not only been organising strikes, but we have also been promoting sustainability in our school by running workshops such as teaching students how to create sustainable everyday items, eg. Beeswax wraps for their lunch as after a rubbish audit we conducted it was abundantly clear our school was not adequately educated on the impact of plastics and improper disposal of the rubbish. For our next strike, we hope that along with our community marching in protest, we could have a parachute with us. This to also be hung up after the strike where we are hosting many different workshops such as; beeswax wraps, bamboo straws and reusable bags. Additionally, local talent will perform, and local political candidates for the Council elections will speak. To have a parachute spreading our message would be a fantastic way also to connect us to many other protests over the world and give us the unity this event will bring to our community.