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Ken Downer Environment Groups (4 Parachutes)
United States
Twentynine Palms
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Hi there! i am Ken Downer but my nick-name is "Sunny" & i co-created the "Joshua Tree-Huggers"& "350 J.T." Many years ago out here in the High Desert of Southern California... We have staged many, many demonstrations, protests, eco-art acitivism installations, from "Save the Joshua Tree From Global Warming" to "Stand For Standing Rock," a "Water Is Life Festival,"  "Stop Cadiz Inc. Water Grab," "BankExit Protests," Etc., Etc.  We have 2 Joshua Tree groups on the facebook, "350 Joshua Tree" and "The Joshua Tree-Huggers Network," & 1 on there for "Wonder Valley" in Twentynine Palms, called "Wonder Valley Water Is Life."
We LOVE what you are doing and it perfectly fits in w/our already established creation of "Eco-Prayer Flags"  with re-purposed pillow slip-covers! We took the last of our spare money to order a parachute from you to make sure we get one right away to get ready & paint for our "CLIMATE STRIKE JOSHUA TREE" Action on Sep. 20 @ 12pm...
BUT- we NEED 1 more for the Wonder Valley Water Is Life group as well,
OK so thank U again for your consideration of our request and, again for all you are doing for the "7 Generations."