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Students for Climate Action (4 Parachutes)
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Hi Mother Earth Project! My name is Matthew Kim, I am in 11th grade, and I am the president of the organization Students for Climate Action in Austin, Texas. Currently, we are interested in obtaining 3 parachutes to decorate for the strike, which would allow each parachute to be shared among 5+ people, and we'll hopefully get a bunch of signatures on the parachute from people at the strike. Once we get the parachute with a lot of signatures, we will mail it to our congressman or give it to our state house representative to show at their next session and to show other representatives as a reminder that the students in Austin want our government to act on the climate crisis! Just to give you a short history of the organization, the organization was founded 2 years ago in Long Island, New York where the New York chapter has been activity in their local and state politics, even standing behind the New York governor when he signed their latest climate bill! Here in Austin, Texas, we have been meeting with many local and state officials to start talking about the climate issue, and to also let them know that we as students are looking to them to help shape our future and that we will hold their actions accountable. We are not far away from voting, and we want to show the city and the state that we are a force that they should listen to and pay attention to. So far, we are currently working on a resolution from Texas House Representative Donna Howard to support the upcoming climate strike, and we are working with many other organizations in Austin to help gain support for the upcoming climate strike. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to get parachutes to share and walk out with, and I hope we can send you back some cool pictures! Sincerely, Matthew Kim