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Tana Shepard engaged multiple schools to decorate parachutes and take sustainable actions! These include Chavez Elementary, Adams School, Buena Vista Elementary and Edgewood Elementary.

Sustainable Actions in this Community

There are a total of 32 Parachutes. Students learned about water-it's power, it's life giving force, the need to protect it. It all started with showing how a piece of trash from their school parking lots was related to the collection of ocean trash  I picked up the last time I was on the Oregon coast and ultimately the oceanic garbage patches from around the world-the stormwater system. We discussed "instead of's" with packaging vs. reusables and the impacts they can each make with their choices and their voices. Students worked with their teachers ahead of time to create plans for art and messages to add to the parachutes. Teachers gave me a slogan and a basic design idea. I pre-painted parachutes and brought them with me on my visit for the students to add their great ideas to. It was very meaningful and the students were super engaged in the process.
I am adding to the google album, so take another look. :D
The schools are:
Adams Elementary-4 (4 first grade classes, 1 second grade class and 1 fourth grade class)
Chavez Elementary-6 (1 kinder class, 3 first grade classes, 3 third grade classes, 1 fourth grade class and 3 fifth grade classes)
Twin Oaks Elementary-2 (1 second grade class, 1 fourth/fifth grade class)
Family School-1 (2 fourth/fifth grade classes)
Kelly Middle School-2 (Leadership class)
El Rio del Camino-2 ( 1 first grade and 3 fourth grades)
Howard Elementary-2 (2 third grade class and 1 fifth  grade classes)
Yujin Gaukin-1 (2 first grade classes)
Spring Creek Elementary-1 (1 2nd grade class)
Buena Vista Elementary-1 (3 third grade classes)
Holt Elementary-2 (1 third grade class and 3 fourth grade classes)
Camas Ridge Elementary-3 (3 fifth grade classes)
Fox Hollow-1 (mixed age group)
ECCO-1 (9-12 grade)
Charlemagne Elementary-1 (2 fifth grade classes)
Edgewood Elementary-3 (3 kinder classes, 1 third grade and 2 fourth/fifth grade classes)
STEAM Eugene event-1 (mixed age group)

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