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Fauna and Flora Environmental Conservation Limited (13 Parachutes)
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Educating future generations to be ambassadors to their parents about climate change. This is our Campaign Day when we share and want the children to demonstrate their understanding of climate change through drama, debate, and quizes.  

Sustainable Actions in this Community

Dear (Barton) Rubenstein. thank you very much for your kind words, and whatever your doing for mother earth! Let's do the good work to make awareness among the youth and Adults of All nations. Let's not leave the program for kids only let involve the parent as well, they need to be informed again as our mother earth has taken long to be rehabilitated. Here in Uganda I am involving Adults, such that they can as well give the story how mother earth was beautiful before! Thank you once again,  hoping to work hands in hands for bright greener mother Earth!

Yours Evelyn Namuwolo.
  Above are photos of our agricultural work in our community.
Am here asking kindly if you can send me some parachute s for more demonstration to the youth, I have groups in Uganda, both sex's, the ones you send me will do a lot for others to get a meaningful of what is mother earth.
They will also make others which will be taken to rural areas.
Thank you, hopefully 12 parachutes .