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Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church
United States
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We are a progressive faith community. Our building and grounds are a designated Green Sanctuary. We are engaged in advocacy for First Nation and Black communities, i.e the Poor People Campaign and others. We advocate in our community, county, state and federal offices for social justice and environmental issues. Our Environmental Justice Ministry educates through actions, a movie program, study groups. We support our ministers in sermons and provide spiritual guidance. In our building we are moving toward a zero waste policy.

Also, to mount your parachute on a wall, I purchased 4 8' plastic electrical conduit pipes, put them together, for 12' parachute you need to cut about 6 " from one pipe, then put about 1/4 of handles on each pipe and complete the circle by sticking them together. The plastic bends enough to complete the circle. DO NOT USE GLUE. It looks great!

Sustainable Actions in this Community

Our church members signed promises on our parachute to reduce their carbon foot print and agreed to (among many): Put solar panels on their roofs, use more public transportation, turn the lights off when leaving a room, support the Green New Deal, Reduce-Recycle-Reuse, purchase an electric car, clean up Rock Creek Park, subscribe to wind or solar power for electricity, avoid eating meat.