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Rural Family Care (Cook Stoves) (10 parachutes)
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I have discussed with our Team and we request materials that make 10 parachutes ( 5 for communities, 2 Primary schools and 3 for High schools). We will need financial assistance for Paint, Paint brushes, colours etc . You will advise if a total 10 parachutes would an Ideal number to start with. I am personally a climate change Champion in our community and I am good at engaging Political Leaders.

Sustainable Actions in this Community

I'm sharing with project pictures for the cook stoves. Currently I am distributing 3 types of cook stoves, those which are dual purpose, the end user can use both fire wood and charcoal at different intervals, the stove is portable.
I have liners made out of good clay and tested by a laboratory, the liner is fixed in the kitchen, the fixing is done with bricks; such liners can be for either charcoal or firewood. I do community education and campaign against indoor pollution and how communities can save on using too much fire wood and charcoal.
I am currently looking for a budget amounting to US$1400 that can enable me reach close to 200 house holds, at a rate of about US$ 7 per cook stove. And 10% of that budget would meet costs of sensitizing the communities about dangers of indoor pollution.
I shall be pleased to keep communicating with you about this project of scaling up improved improved cook stoves.