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Sudbury’s parachute is a giant Earth with characters and flags surrounding it. The design was inspired by a giant chalk drawing on the driveway Sophia Mathur made for her mother, Cathy Orlando, when she came back from lobbying on Parliament Hill in 2015. The message on the chalk drawing was “If we all try, we can make a difference”. The flags represent the Bridge of Nations, a unique landmark in Sudbury.

Students from RL Beattie will sign the parachute prior to Sudbury’s Earth Day festival on June 2. At the Earth Day Festival, community members will be asked to sign the parachute.

On October 15, 2018, on Parliament Hill, Parachutes for the Planet from across Canada will be on display. Then all Canadian Parachutes will be shipped to The Mother Earth Project and join at least 89 other parachutes and be displayed in Washington DC and then go on a World Tour.

“I am so grateful for this project. It is beautiful and it is going to change the world. I have no doubts.” says Cathy Orlando, Citizens’ Climate Lobby International Outreach Manager and coordinator of Sudbury’s Parachute for the Planet. “The youth and their parents felt very special after the project was completed.”

For more information about how your school or community can participate in Parachutes for the Planet please go here:

Canadians, please send your parachutes to: Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada 435 Notre Dame Ave, Lower Level Sudbury ON, P3C 5K6 ATT’N: Dr. Sanjiv Mathur

Sustainable Actions in this Community

This group recently took their parachute to the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa and spoke with MP Marc Serré about better Climate Laws. They also spoke with MP Catherine McKenna who loved the parachute project and is focused on climate change issues. Cathy Orlando now continues to use parachutes to help push the Canadian government to have better climate laws. In January, 2019, student protests in Vancouver assisted in the government declaring a Climate Emergency for the city.