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Spring Creek Elementary School, BEST after school program
United States
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One of the many things the Students at the Spring Creek BEST /YMCA after school program have spent the 2017/2018 school year learning about is sustainable living. This year during our after school program they have explored the process of making their own butter and glue. They learned about the local rivers and lakes and the things that pollute our water. They practiced cleaning up an oil spill working together to find the best methods, or rather that there is no best method to clean up oil. They learned about where in the world their food comes from. Then learned about how to grow their own food and planted vegetables to bring home and start a garden. They work every week with our community partners “Little Hands Can” coming up with solutions for problems in the world today. They cleaned up all the old lost game pieces and random things they found around the school and made “Assembly Art” that they sold at the school wide Art Show fundraiser. They also participate every day in the school wide recycling program. Most recently they had the amazing opportunity to participate in “PARACHUTES FOR THE PLANET.” They learned more about the earth, our water sources and how the keep them clean. They also decorated a parachute that will be displayed at our school before traveling across the country to be a part of a larger exhibit. They are working hard every day to make our planet a beautiful place. -Moira Carr , BEST Coordinator

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